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The Loss of an Angel

Holidays can be a devasting time to suffer loss of a loved one. Grief, especially renewed grief triggered by holiday celebrations, can seem particularly painful when related to the loss of a child. In October 1988, President Ronald Reagan Proclaimed October as National Pregnancy and… Read More »The Loss of an Angel

Surviving the holdays

With a little help – you can get through this Holiday season! Here are some tips and guidance from a few of our providers.  GENERAL TIPS TO SURVIVE THE HOLIDAYS Nima Alinejad, MD Chief Medical Officer, Behavioral Health Solutions Sleep, eat and limit alcohol consumption… Read More »Surviving the holdays


Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and an ideal time to educate ourselves about how to take care of bodies and minds, how to seek help when needed, and live life as fully and enjoyably as we can.  Mental Health is as important as our physical and spiritual health, but often neglected. It can impact aspects of our lives such as our mood, energy levels, sleep, irritability, interactions with others, and our level of enjoyment in daily hobbies and activities.

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Parental Depression and Anxiety

The pandemic for most parents has been very stressful. Mental health problems have rose dramatically during COVID. The pressure of finances, limited child care options and health concerns have made it a very challenging time to families. Parental anxiety and depression have increased because of the pressure on parents during this time. Parents need to figure out ways to support their mental health.
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