Celebrate Pride Month

Pride Flag waving on city street

Pride month is celebrating its 52nd year this June, and it is an important part of the LGBTQ+ community. It gives members of the community a chance to show their support for each other by celebrating diversity and continuing the fight for inclusion, acceptance and equality.  It is also a time for members of the public to show support and acceptance for the community. The first Pride celebration was held in New York City in 1970 when a rally was held to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots when the LGBTQ+ community fought back against discrimination and harassment. 

Pride is now a worldwide phenomenon. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people attend Pride events across the world. Pride events are usually held during the last week of June. Some of these events include parades, festivals, dances, concerts, fundraisers, and rallies. International events are held in countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and England.

Various organizations sponsor Pride events and many of them focus on different aspects of the LBGTQ+ community such as: the transgender community, the bisexual community, the gay community, the lesbian community, and the queer community. They also work with LBGTQ+ youth and young adults and help them find support and resources including suicide prevention, HIV/AIDS education, and counseling.

President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order on June 15, 2022, advancing equality for LGBTQ+ Americans through several initiatives. These initiatives include improving access to healthcare and suicide prevention, and the development of sample school policies to achieve full inclusion of the LGBTQ+ student population.  First Lady Dr. Jill Biden spoke at the June 15th event and proclaimed that everyone should be able to “live an authentic life.”

Behavioral Health Solutions stands in support of the LBGTQ+ population and proudly supports Pride Month.  The LGBTQ+ community is known to be at a higher risk for suffering mental health issues.  If you or a loved one need help- call BHS today:  702-608-1976.

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