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BHS’ full complement of clinical services allows for a coordinated team approach to person-centered care.  Whether via in-person at your facility or telehealth, our professionals work with your staff to meet the needs of your residents. BHS believes that mental health is part of a holistic treatment approach knowing that mental and emotional well-being are crucial for physical well-being and healing.

Nursing & Residential Homes

Nursing and Residential Homes have a significant need for Licensed Therapists and Psychiatrists to provide services to their Residents.

Our Prescribers are licensed, independent practitioners who are responsible for managing health problems and coordinating healthcare for the needs of patients in accordance with State and Federal rules and regulations and the nursing standards of care (assessment of health status, diagnosis, development of a plan of care and treatment, implementation of the treatment plan, and evaluation of patient status).

BHS administers the Behaviorally Complex Care Program (BCCP) for those Nevada Medicaid recipients with a severe, medically-based behavior disorder living in a Home. To assist Long Term Care Facilities in receiving appropriate reimbursement, we provide the following services: Staff Training, Weekly Behavior Meetings, and Group Mental Health Activities. More on each service is below.

Learn more about the cost-saving and care-enhancing potential of Nevada’s Behaviorally Complex Care Program (BCCP) in a study from the Sage Policy Group, Inc.

BHS also provides psychological assessments to residents demonstrating behavioral, mental, or emotional challenges. Once assessed, our team of clinical professionals will create and implement a unique and effective treatment plan for that individual that includes therapeutic interventions, group therapy, and coping skills.

Group Mental Health Activities​:

  • to engage with patients experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral issues utilizing a variety of techniques
  • to help redirect negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions, practice socialization skills
  • to aid in healthy adjustment to their environment

Staff Training:

  • to teach timely and effective behavioral documentation & strategies
  • to prevent normalizing of maladaptive behaviors
  • help staff members learn to interact with challenging residents with confidence

Weekly Behavior Meetings:

  • to help identify all behavioral patients in need of services
  • to help with the development of care plans
  • to address all questions, concerns, and needs of staff

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