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Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding BHS services.

Referral Line: 702-608-1976
Referral Fax: 702-589-4872

BHS offers comprehensive therapy, psychiatric, and neuropsychologic services, along with medication management. We have a care team that coordinates the delivery of these services based on a the specific concerns and needs identified during the intake and screening process.

During the intake process, we gather information regarding demographics, insurance (if applicable), concerns, and accessibility options. Please keep in mind that the intake process may take 15-20 minutes.

We match the anticipated needs and concerns based on the information provided to our intake specialists. An assessment with the assigned provider will be scheduled first.

No, clients can call anytime to inquire about our services and schedule an appointment.

BHS uses a secure platform for telehealth appointments. The intake specialists will provide you with an email instructing you and how to sign up for your client portal. The client portal allows access to the following features: update demographic information, electronically review and sign consent forms, compose an email to an assigned provider and/or staff, view upcoming/kept appointments, start telehealth sessions, and more.

We work directly with clients or their providers to secure necessary client forms. We can also help direct clients to the community-based access locations for telehealth solutions.

BHS accepts payments via credit and debit card. BHS also accepts most commercial insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare. BHS makes every effort to verify your coverage and payer options.

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