Introducing Dr. Alinejad to our BHS Team

Dr. Nima Alinejad has joined our team serving as our Chief Medical Officer and is Board Certified in Psychiatry, Family Medicine and Medical Administration. He specializes in Chronic Disease, and Addiction Psychiatry.
Dr. Alinejad is a graduate of Tulane University School of Medicine and a Veteran of the Air Force. He was a Mental Health Flight Commander in the United States Air Force beginning in 2009 and rose through the ranks into the Major Command level. As a provider in the military, Dr. Alinejad continued further education, certificates, and medical licenses, owned businesses, served in leadership and administrative roles in hospitals and clinics, and has received many honorable awards through his committed service in the Air Force and Veteran’s Administration. Dr. Alinejad is committed to providing quality patient care and making a positive impact on the community, with a focus on rural and underserved communities. He has a passion for providing caring comfort, guidance, and strength to patients in need of mental health services.

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