Our Children’s Mental Health

Adolescents are suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Studies are showing that since the pandemic, children are facing symptoms of mental illness. Even though children are less likely to get COVID, they are still experiencing the impact of COVID’s harmful effects.

Even though parents express their children’s poor mental health, they are still reluctant to seek treatment for their child or even believe that treatment will help. Parents are doing the best they can to protect their children, but it has been difficult to shield children entirely from the stress that the COVID pandemic has caused.

Children are currently being taught at home or in hybrid programs leading to social isolation. The disruption in the education system is one of the top COVID related stresses children have faced. Some reported mental health symptoms during this time are those such as spurts of anger, concentration difficulty, easily distracted, becoming forgetful, fear and anxiety, and sometimes headaches. According to pediatrician Dr. Laura Luzietti, half the children of parents consider them to be in fair or poor mental health condition.

While most parents believe counseling or therapy is an extreme treatment method, children are in need of mental health therapy that is effective. The well-being of our children needs to be prioritized. Not only do we need to recognize the impact of school closures we also need to realize the impact on their mental state. Mental health care is a vital component in adolescent health care. Children need access to this type of care.

A good first step in seeking help is having families schedule a telehealth appointment!

We treat adolescents from the age of 5.” Call (702) 608-1976 if you have questions!

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