September National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month is celebrated every September to help bring attention and a better understanding of mental and substance use disorders and to commemorate those who have recovered from these disorders. Recovery Month also educates us that mental health services and treatments help those with substance or mental disorders to have a happy and healthy life.

Those who have recovered from substance or mental disorders are celebrated for their recovery just as someone who has recovered from kidney disease, diabetes, and cancer would be celebrated. It may be hard to see people struggle with mental or substance disorders, that’s why the attention brought to Recovery Month is benefitting so many.

The positive observance of this month helps people see the success of treatment and the possibility of recovery. As thousands of facilities and recovery programs in America celebrate Recovery Month, awareness is increased and recovery stories are shared with friends and family.

Each year there is a National Recovery Month theme, the 2020 theme is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connection.” This is a reminder that recovery cannot be done alone and shared victories will be celebrated together. With help and support from friends and family, we all can overcome the mountain in front of us.

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