The Loss of Normalcy

The loss of Normalcy
The world has changed as we know it, and even though it is supposed to be temporary, we know that things are being affected all around us.  We walk into stores and businesses with everyone wearing masks and hand sanitizer readily for use.  We stock up on food and toiletries waiting for the day when shelves may run out.  The majority of schools are running their classrooms online.  Food and groceries are now being delivered in a frenzy.  Some of us have lost our jobs, and our sense of connection with others.  And for the most part, we have lost our sense of security and safety.

What we might all be feeling is considered collective grief, and we are not used to this kind of collective grief in the air.  It is uncomfortable and for some, downright scary.  We are also feeling an anticipatory grief because we know that something bad is happening, but we cannot see it.  And like the majority of the world, we did not see it coming.

What we know everyday has been turned upside down, and it has literally become Ground Hog’s Day every day.  Some of us go into battle where we are at the front lines, helping others who are being traumatized or acutely affected by this pandemic.  Others hide at home hoping that the scary virus of the world will not leak into their home.  We are relying on our technology to keep us connected with the world whether it be our friends, family, jobs, or appointments.

During this time of uncertainty and discomfort, it is extremely important to stay connected and feel heard.  The need for mental health has significantly increased over the last 6 months, and telehealth is being used more prominently than ever before.  So, if you read this and feel as though you need to talk to someone, and you are having a hard time adjusting to the current state of the world or COVID19 has affected you in ways that are scary or challenging, maybe it’s time you look for a therapist that can help you navigate through this difficult time.

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