World Mental Health Day


Let’s Talk About Mental Health!

Today is World Mental Health Day. Around the world we are having tough conversations about mental health, educating, advocating, and spreading awareness. This isn’t easy, it’s a call to courage, to recognize that you may need help, the courage to ask for help, the courage to talk out loud about your mental health. With each conversation, we help.
We help the person who feels shame for having a mental health problem. We help the person who is afraid to ask for help. We help the person who didn’t know what to name their struggle, who didn’t know there was help out there at all.

When you fear the stigma of having a mental health disorder, you suffer more. It can feel isolating and lonely. If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health disorder, start with a conversation. Keep talking about mental health and shining a light on it.

Talk to someone you trust. Call a mental health professional today to start this conversation in a safe and confidential space.

“Shame can only live in the dark.” by Brene Brown You are not alone. If you need help Contact us or Call 702.608.1976

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