Dealing with Depression in a Pandemic

Dealing with Depression in a Pandemic
Dealing with Depression in a Pandemic is one of the most common mental health conditions affecting millions of people. It’s no wonder that we are experiencing Depression at higher rates with COVID-19. We are feeling isolated, alone, anxious, and scared on a global level. Humans are hardwired for connection and social relationships.
We by nature are social animals. For many of us, our previous coping mechanisms are either difficult to access or completely unavailable. Leaving many wondering, “how much longer can I do this?” and “how much more can I take?” You are not alone in your feelings. Depression symptoms can vary for each person from mild to severe and in length of time experienced.

You should seek help from a professional therapist and psychiatrist, if you are suffering from any of the following:
  • feeling down, sadness
  • excessive crying
  • loss of interest or pleasure in activities
  • difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
  • poor or increased appetite
  • difficulty concentrating
  • feelings of worthlessness and/or hopelessness
  • irritability or angry outbursts
  • fatigue, low energy
  • socially isolating or withdrawing
  • lack of motivation
  • low self-esteem
  • self-harm or wanting to hurt yourself
  • suicidal thoughts
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